Hi, I'm Alice

I've always had a passion for storytelling, and from a very young age, I spent the majority of my time writing my own fictional stories filled with adventure, magic, and romance. You can totally call me a hopeless romantic.

It is because of this deep-rooted passion of mine that I took to filmmaking, photography, and artistry. Aside from writing my own worlds, I wanted to capture the world around me and highlight the beauty that surrounds us through fictional and non-fictional stories.

After years of honing my craft, I realized that I don't fit in just a singular box. I love all things horror, sci-fi, and suspense. But I also love being able to capture special moments within weddings, elopements, and even personal portraits.

At the end of the day, after eight years of photography and filmmaking experience, I consider myself a storyteller at the heart of it all.